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  • Ace Pineapple Cider

    Inspired by the House Family’s annual visit to the beautiful Hawaiian Islands our Pineapple cider is an ideal drink for tropical hot and humid climates. Our signature drink the Hawaii 5-0 is a mix of Ace Pineapple cider, coconut rum, ice and a garnish of fresh pineapple. This original cider is perfect for a backyard BBQ, or Bacon dishes.

    Tasting Notes

    A fresh, light, and tropical departure from hard apple cider. Semi-sweet pineapple nose with a dry apple finish.

    • First pineapple cider developed in the world
    • Instant sweet taste with tart finish
    • Mixes well
    • Refreshing

    Alc./Vol.: 5%

  • Ace Cider

    ACE was founded by Jeffrey House, who moved to the USA from the UK in the 1970s - looking for opportunity with not much wealth to get himself started. After years of long distance love, his beautiful girlfriend Angela followed him to the USA from the UK and they were married in Las Vegas.

    Jeffrey found luck in the apple orchards of Sonoma County California, where familiarity drew him to cider making, having had experience with the popular alcoholic beverage in the UK. Preparing for a cider business of his own, Jeffrey worked in the beer and cider industry saving money until 1993 when he was able to open ACE Cider, California's Original Cider Mill.

    Over these years, he had three sons with his beautiful wife and sent them to be educated so that they would be prepared for the world's opportunities ahead.

    Now decades later, having helped build the American hard cider industry, Jeffrey finds luck and refuge in his sons' passion to continue building his family cider business.