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  • Almaza Beer

    A Pilsener Beer, yet of Lebanese ancestry. To adapt the formula to local preferences, maize was added to the recipe, a signature ingredient that guaranteed a refreshing smoother taste. Nothing was left to hazard, no compromise was made. Every ingredient and every procedure was thoroughly examined to come up with the perfect formula, one that is, until today, preserved and replicated to the detail with every fresh batch.

    Brewing the ultimate beer was one thing. Making it an icon was another.

    Today, 79 years later, billons of bottles after, Almaza became part of country’s legacy. The people have and will always be the inspiration.

    Almaza lives amongst them, talks like them and shares their worries and expectations; a true reflection of who they are.

    This is why when Almaza lovers raise their glasses cheering, the do so with pride; and we pride ourselves for being one of them. Hayda Jawna. Hayda Nehna.

    Alc./Vol.: 4%

  • Almaza Beer

    Almaza Beer proudly brewed in LEBANON Since 1933, Guided by their vision and aided by the expertise of a famous Brew Master from Pilsen – a city in the Czech Republic where the authentic Pilsener Beer was invented – the founders had the time, the will, the patience and event the bit of luck needed to formulate what would later become Lebanon’s number one beer.