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    The most exclusive Beer Advent Calendar from KALEA for beer connoisseurs outside of Europe!

    Since 2014, KALEA also offers an advent calendar with beer cans. Due to the great variety of beer, this advent calendar has become a real cult item. Not only in the USA, but also in various other countries, beer connoisseurs look forward to the exciting beer selection in this calendar every year.

    In addition to Pale Ales and Pilsner beers, there are also Wheat beers, Zwickel beers, Fest beers and Strong beers. This year’s highlights would definitely be the Zwönitzer Steinbier and the Ladenburger Weizenbock.

    Naturally, the selection of beers changes anually – we do not want the tasting to get boring

  • Kalea GmbH

    KALEA works only with privately owned breweries.

    This calendar contains beers from small breweries in Germany and Austria, some of which were brewed and bottled in cans exclusively for the calendar.

    We are often asked why we offer an advent calendar with canned beer – after all, the can as a beer vessel does not enjoy a particularly good reputation in Germany and Austria.

    The answer is quickly given: The can is simply the better container for longer transport routes. Because this calendar is available in the USA, Canada, Australia and Taiwan, it is important to maintain the same quality of beer that consumers in Germany are used to. The beer can makes this possible.

    Every beer in the KALEA Beer Advent Calendars has its own story!
    To make the tasting of the beers a real experience, the BeerTasting APP was developed. In this APP, every single beer in the Brewer’s Advent Calendar is described – even exciting videos have been shot for every single beer!
    These videos are shot annually at the BeerTasting Blogger Event, where the brewmasters are interviewed by Germany’s best beer bloggers and asked about their beers.
    This event has become a real cult event. The interviews that are created at this event can also be watched for each beer in the BeerTasting APP.