Coopers Premium Lager
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  • Coopers Premuim Lager

    Coopers Lager is quite different to the famous Coopers ales.

    This lager produces a refreshing flavour with a good balance of malt and hop characters and is brewed using no sugar.

    It has subtle fruity esters and light golden colour, combined with a judicious blend of Light Stable and Saaz hops to produce a Lager with a crisp malty full flavour.

    Alc./Vol.: 4.8%

  • Coopers Brewery

    Today, Coopers is Australia's sole remaining family-owned brewery of stature, so it's still an every day occurrence to meet a Cooper at the Brewery.

    The fifth and sixth generations acting as custodians of Thomas Cooper’s legacy are:

    • Dr Tim Cooper, our Managing Director who still keeps a keen eye on the brewing
    • Glenn Cooper our Chairman and Marketing Director
    • Bill Cooper, after 40 years on the Board of Directors, retired in September 2009
    • Melanie Cooper is Director of Corporate Affairs
    • Matthew Cooper works at the brewery in Customer Service and Distribution
    • Rachel Cooper-Casserly is in Marketing
    • And two other family members are involved as Board Directors.

    So rest assured, Coopers Brewery is in the hands of those who have the same values as Thomas Cooper and believe in the product that Thomas himself began brewing all those years ago.