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  • Golden Pheasant Beer

    Golden Pheasant (known in Europe as Zlaty Bazant) is not only the most popular beer brand, but also the most valuable Slovak brand at all. Moreover, it is the most exported or licence-produced Slovak beer. No other Slovak beer brand may be proud of more than a million hectolitres sold all over the world. Besides Slovakia, you can find it in such countries as the USA, Canada, Russia, the Ukraine, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Moldavia, or Kazakhstan.

    Golden Pheasant is rated as Highly Recommended by the Beverage Testing Institute and was awarded a Silver Medal in the World Beer Championships

    Alc./Vol.: 5%

  • Golden Pheasant

    Geographically, Slovakia is an obvious location for great lager beers. They have access to the best hops, grains and softest water in the world. This and a long brewing tradition is what makes for this very special product. Golden Pheasant is true to the style of the region, being a robust, full flavored beer. It exhibits a great balance between nutty malt flavors, aromatics and delicious noble hop varieties. The finish is clean and refreshing, making Golden Pheasant an easy beer to drink.