Quilmes Beer - Argentina's Favorite Beer
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  • Quilmes Beer - Argentina's Favorite Beer

    It is premium quality with a distinct and crisp flavor. When you drink a Quilmes you are drinking a part of Argentina's colorful history. Argentina’s favourite beer comes from the capital, Buenos Aires. It is a 4.9% lager style beer with a very distinguishable taste that is very well known to the South American community. Enjoy!

    Alc./Vol.: 4.9%

  • Quilmes Beer - Argentina's Favorite Beer

    Cervecería y maltería Quilmes is an Argentine Brewery founded in 1888 in Quilmes, Buenos Aires Province, by Otto Bemberg, a German immigrant. The company quickly started growing and in the 20s it was already the most popular beer in Buenos Aires. Since then, it has become something of a national symbol. It sponsors the Argentina national football team, and the colours of its labels are Argentina's light blue and white.