Warka Strong Beer
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  • Warka Strong Beer

    Beer with a characteristic flavour which Polish consumers recognize with their eyes closed. It is characterized by an original flavour which combines malt and hops, beautiful, deep amber colour, and higher alcohol content (6.5%). Strong is so exceptional due to the unique composition of two malts: Pilsner malt, which provides the beery character, and toasted malt, which provides the unique, sweet after-taste and amber colour. Strong is a top-quality beer that for many years has been appreciated and enjoyed by the consumers.

    Alc./Vol.: 7%

  • Grupa Zywiec

    Our beers are brewed in five breweries: in Żywiec, in Warka, in Elbląg, in Leżajsk and in Cieszyn. All breweries are equipped with the latest appliances and utilize the latest technologies that guarantee the highest beer quality.

    Experienced sales force reaches tens of thousands of business partners in 3 channels: retail, gastronomy and wholesale. At present Grupa Żywiec employs about 5000 people.

    Our offer

    The company’s flagship brand is Żywiec – one of the biggest Polish premium beers and one of Poland’s largest export beers, exported for more than 100 years and available in over 40 countries around the globe. The other key brands are Heineken, Warka, Tatra, Strong and Desperados. Regional brands constitute an important part of Grupa Żywiec portfolio: Królewskie (central Poland), Leżajsk (south-eastern Poland) and Specjal (northern Poland). Grupa Żywiec also distributes speciality beers: foreign (Paulaner, Murphy’s, GUinness, Kilkenny) and Polish (Kaper, Żywiec Porter, Radler, Desperados Red).

    Our values

    Our values define the way we conduct our operation and define our environmental policy. Main values of Grupa Żywiec are respect for the individual, society and environment. Grupa Żywiec is a socially responsible company and considers itself an integral part of the society and communities in which it operates