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  • Weston's Stowford Press Cider (can)

    Our leading brand, Stowford Press, is an authentic and traditional tasting cider, made using only the finest bittersweet apples.

    Best served cold, every pint of Stowford Press is so fruity, refreshing and delicious that you are proud to have another.

    Premium quality cider

    At 4.5% ABV Stowford Press is a sparkling medium dry cider which has built its popularity on its premium taste and quality. Desite being enjoyed worldwide, Stowford Press proudly maintains its Herefordshire roots. In fact, it is the coupling of the Westons Cider traditional approach with contemporary modern techniques that make Stowford Press so popular and recently described by Pete Brown as 'the best of the mainstream ciders' at the International Cider Challenge Awards, where it won a bronze medal.

    Lower alcohol, same refreshing taste

    The light-gold colour reflects the truly fruity and refreshing apple flavours, therefore, Stowford Press really does taste as good as it looks. Or if you are after something lighter which still retains the great taste of Stowford Press, why not try our Low Alcohol option. Stowford Press is the perfect addition to any social gathering and as it is suitable to vegetarians, vegans, coeliacs it is the people's choice.

    Alc./Vol.: 4.5%

  • H. Westons & Sons
    United Kingdom

    Established in 1880, we make cider and perry the way you want it to taste.

    Deep in the heart of the Herefordshire countryside, Westons Cider Mill is situated in the old village of Much Marcle. It was in 1878 that Mr Henry Weston came to farm at The Bounds, a farmhouse nestled amongst apple and perry pear orchards.

    In 1880, Henry joined the Herefordshire cider-making community and began a legacy of tradition and quality. Making cider and perry from his own fruit, collected from his own orchards, Henry contributed to the annual pattern of life in the country. In fact, there was always a barrel of cider in the cellar for the family to use - and a hogshead in the cider house for the farm workers. Who, at the start of each day all year round, brought their wooden ‘costrels' to the cider house to be filled with the days allowance.

    Since then, we have continued to lovingly produce cider and perry to the highest quality and tradition set out by Henry Weston himself. In fact, to this day we are so proud of our heritage and cider making skills we put our family name on every single bottle.