Orchid Pomegranate Liqueur
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  • Orchid Pomegranate Liqueur

    Source: Middle East, California

    Fruit characteristic: Ruby Red outer skin filled with tiny seeds each containing the fruit that is sweet and sour to taste, with healthful antioxidant properties.

    Taste profile: Bright cherry red and crystal clear. The nose is filled with the scent of fresh crushed red berries, cranberry, and semi-tart pomegranate. The palate confirms the nose offering waves of ripe berries with accents of citrus, tart cherry, and a hint of vanilla. Great length, complexity and balance. Nearly endless list of applications.

    Alcohol: 14% vol

  • Orchid Liqueurs

    Orchid is making its mark among an impressive crowd, including master mixologists and members of the United States Bartending Guild. The mixologists are the ones who have truly taken the possibilities of Orchid to another level. This group is continually discovering more interesting and diverse ways to mix Orchid behind the bar.

    Think of Orchid mixed with fresh squeezed lemon or lime juice, blended with egg whites, or garnished with fresh basil or rosemary. The creative possibilities are endless. Professional and home bartenders now have the finest fruit from around the world at their fingertips.

    In the process, all serious bartenders now know that their line-up is incomplete without all five flavours of Orchid, since each one offers a different and staggering array of possibilities for the talented mixologist. It is now possible to find specialty Orchid cocktails at première destinations around the world.